Christiano Dias

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Boomdoggie is the third and final short film of Christiano's "magical realism anthology." It is set to star Joseph Bottoms and Lisa Roumain in a spiritual reprisal of their roles from King Eternal (2013) and Monster in a House (2014). While the first two films were considered Drama and Fantasy/Horror respectively, Boomdoggie will employ a more Science Fiction approach.



Here is a kinetic reel of all the projects I have written, directed, edited, produced, and/or shot (some) over the past few years. Thank you to all the wonderful people that were a part of making these projects happen!


FALL 2014

Below is the trailer to my latest short film, Monster in a House, starring Joseph Bottoms, Lisa Roumain, and featuring Kitana Turnbull. It's a film about "bringing your problems to light" and it was made to feel like a single, extended shot. 

Reviews in the Press section. Request a private screener.


FALL 2014

I'm very excited to say that after a fun 18 month film festival run, King Eternal is now online and available for anyone with an internet connection and 15 free minutes! This was an amazing project to work on and holds a very special place in my heart. The trailer is below and the full film is in the Work section. It will be screening exclusively on DirecTV and U-Verse Summer 2015.